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  Applicable vehicle conditions Range of displacement volume Range of
power output
ACT-B 1. Exhaust temperature : No limitation for temperature
  (Diesel vehicles since 1991)
2. PM density : Less than 60% with loading inspection,
  less than 40% with unloading inspection.
3. Installation restricted vehicles : Vehicles that is available
  to get installation of natural regeneration DPF. However,
  this product can be installed if the particular vehicle has
  proper result to meet certificate condition from exhaust
  temperature testing.
Diesel vehicle
engine volume
and below
235PS power
Size Φ280㎜ × L765㎜
Volume/Weight 15.63L / 35kg
Exhaust gas
reduction rate
PM > 94%, HC>90%,
CO > 99%
Fuel ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel : below 30ppm)
구분 PM CO HC NOx Power 연료소비율
fuel consumption rate 94% 99% 90% 3% -0.6% 0.3%