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  Applicable vehicle conditions Range of displacement volume Range of power
DPX-H3 1. Exhaust temperature : more than 5% of 300℃ above,
2. Smoke : Less than 60% with loading inspection, less
  than 40% with unloading inspection.
3. Installation restricted vehicles : Loader crane, local
  shuttle bus, sprinkler truck, garbage truck, police bus,
  feed truck, ambulance, lift truck, cranes, local school
  bus and delivery car in urban area.
Diesel vehicle
over 11,000cc
DPX-H2 Diesel vehicle
Below 240PS
- 단 11,000cc 출력 240PS이상인 디젤엔진 장착 차량은 DPX-H3 부착가능함
- 부착 제한차종의 경우 배기량 및 출력 검토 후 ACT-B 모델 장착 가능함

Dimension Φ342㎜×L920㎜ Φ340㎜×L870㎜
Volume/Weight 27.7L / 52kg 21.3L / 46kg
Exhaust gas reduction rate PM > 90%, HC>85%, CO > 85%
Fuel ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel : below 30ppm)

Reduction rate PM CO HC NOx Power 연료소비율
fuel consumption rate 90.8% 98.7% 95.4% 9.8% -2.9% 3.8%